On Marriage in the New World

Will the resurrected be able to marry in paradise?

Watchtower 1954 9/15 p. 575 Questions From Readers

After that final test there will definitely be no marrying or being given in marriage then by those counted worthy of the new world and having the right to eternal life, just as angels have that right. But even before the gaining of the everlasting new system of things these ones brought back in the resurrection of mankind do not marry, because even prior to the final test they are children of the resurrection.

Watchtower 1962 6/1 p. 328 Will the Dead Live Again?

That happiness will not be diminished because the heavenly Father does not reunite in marriage resurrected persons who were once man and wife. Their joy will overflow to be able to enjoy each others fellowship as heirs of life.

Watchtower 1967 10/15 p. 638 Questions From Readers

It is understandable that Christians might be concerned about marriage prospects in the resurrection, since the strongest human emotional ties are often with regard to ones mate. Many faithful servants of God who look forward to living forever on earth and whose mates have died would like to have support for their hope that they could be reunited as husband and wife in the resurrection. While not being callous to their sincere feelings, we must admit that apparently Jesus words apply to the earthly resurrection, and they indicate that those resurrected will not marry or be reunited in a marriage relationship with former mates .

Watchtower 2014 8/15 pp.29-30

Is there sound reason for hoping that resurrected ones will be able to marry? Put simply, the answer is that we cannot say.

For years, our publications have said that Jesus’ words about the resurrection and getting married likely refer to the earthly resurrection and that those resurrected to life in the new world will evidently not marry.

… It is possible that Jesus’ words about marrying and the resurrection apply to the heavenly resurrection.

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