Scriptural review of Jehovah's Witnesses' teachings

Resources to contrast Jehovah’s Witness teachings with traditional Christian views

Today’s Quote

Under the law, even the best failed. Under grace, even the worst can be saved!
Joseph Prince

Tips for Leaving JWs

Understand your options, the process the Elders will follow, and how this will likely impact family and friend relationships

JW Teachings 

How do each of JW core teaching compare against traditional Christianity?

JW Timeline of Prophecies

Have JW prophetic declarations come true and vindicated their claim to speak for God?


Perhaps this is the first time you have dared to explore information about Jehovah’s Witnesses outside their official site. You are not alone in searching for factual information to answer questions that you may fear to ask openly. Many thousands are to be commended for such independent research.

The purpose of this site is to provide concise scriptural information to help you start to unravel the real truth. Just before you start clicking away on the scripture or topics below, consider these points:

  • No authority, whether an individual or a body of men, should insert themselves as an unquestioned authority between you and Christ – your one mediator (1 Tim 2:3-6; Isa 2:22).

  • The underlying purpose of scripture and the Holy Spirit is to point to Christ, so that you will enjoy a relationship with him as sons and daughters of God, your Father (John 5:39-44; John 16:14; John 17:22-26).

  • The good news is that your salvation is not something you need to work for by striving to climb a religious ladder of rules, but it is an unearned eternal gift given by God’s grace to all believing in his Son (Eph 2:4-10; 1 John 5:11-13).

We pray for God’s blessing on all those searching for the real Truth.

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JW Verses

Here’s an explanation of scriptures commonly used by a Jehovah’s Witnesses, see these verses in their full context and original meaning.

Compare 8 views on who Jesus is

Jesus asked ”but who do you say that I am?” Matt. 16:15,  here we compare 8 different views on the answer to that question

Answering JW Questions

Here’s answers to all the common JW questions and expressions used


PDF Leaflet

20 Questions designed to help JWs

What’s the Gospel?

Is the message we share the same as the 1st Century Gospel?

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