Did the Society quote the famous Bible translator Westcott out of context?

Yes. The Society gives the impression that Westcott supports the concept that John 1:1 should be translated “the Word was a god” (note the small “g”).

Watchtower, Jan. 15, 1975, p.63

But as can be seen, Westcott holds to an entirely different view based on the grammar:The Word was God “…simply affirms the true deity of the Word.” He held to the triunity of God, not the polytheism of “the word was a god.”

The Gospel According to St. John, p.3

[Note: A consultation with virtually any commentary on John 1:1 or any Koine Greek grammar on the use of the article in the New Testament will lead to the same conclusion reached by Westcott: The statement “simply affirms the true deity of the Word.”]

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